JUN 16


Arancino is among Hawaii’s most refined Italian restaurants with three locations across Oahu: the Beachwalk, Arancino di Mare on Kalakaua Avenue, and Arancino at the Kahala, all within easy distance from the Ko Olina Beach Villas.

Arancino was chosen as the Critics’ Choice Best Restaurant in Oahu for 2013-2014.  Japanese-born head chef Daisuke Hamamoto trained in Florence, Italy with dreams of running his own restaurant in Hawaii.  The menu features classic, Napoli-style dishes such as bagna cauda, spaghetti astice, and a range of fresh pizzas.  Dessert is not to be missed, with favorites such as homemade tiramisu and panna cotta.

For more information, to see a menu, or to make a reservation online, check out http://www.arancino.com/.

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