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In the winter months, huge swells visit the North Shore of Oahu and bring some of the best waves in the world (about 55 minutes from Ko Olina Beach Villas). The top surfers across the planet arrive for some of the most exciting surf competitions on earth.

Because surfers are at the mercy of the waves, their competitions work differently than other sporting events. Since coordinators can’t predict the exact surf conditions, there are date windows given for each contest. For example, the window for the Billabong Pipe Masters is December 8 to 20, 2017. During that window, weather and wave conditions are closely monitored and contest officials decide every morning if the contest is on or off. If you’re on Oahu during a contest window, visit the website of the contest host every morning to see if the competition is on.

Take binoculars for optimum surf viewing. Pack snacks, as most competition locations have minimal food (if any at all). Bring your own shade (umbrella/tent), as the sun can still be quite hot in the winter. If you bring an umbrella/tent, be courteous to others and keep it low or set up to the side. Bring a camera (bonus if you have a telephoto lens).

To check surf conditions for all shores, go to  For event status, updates, and conditions, call 808-596-SURF.

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