OCT 22



Madre Chocolate offers the sweetest classes about 30 minutes from Ko Olina Beach Villas every Wednesday or Friday afternoon. Learn how their chocolate is made locally from bean-to-bar, sample some of their popular flavors, and make your very own chocolate bar. For a more adult chocolate experience, they also offer whiskey or wine pairing evenings (check the calendar). All class/pairing tickets must be purchased in advance.

Guests can take a monthly Cacao Farm to Chocolate Factory tour. The tour starts at a local organic cacao and diversified farm to see the beautiful cacao pods, learn how to tell when they’re ripe, taste the fresh sweet cacao pulp, help harvest cacao, and see how it’s fermented and dried. The tour moves to their shop where they roast, crack, & winnow your own cacao, show how they grind and temper chocolate into bars, and guests dip a delicious local fruit in their rich dark chocolate to eat on the spot.

For more information about classes and tours, visit http://madrechocolate.com.

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