JUN 15


About fifty minutes from Ko Olina Beach Villas, the Friendship Garden is a privately owned historic hidden gem that welcomes the public during daylight hours. The 10-acre park was developed in 1927 as part of a multiethnic neighborhood dedicated to harmonious living called Kokokahi, which translates to one blood.

Parking is limited to four off road spaces fronting the garden.  Car tires must be off the road pavement to avoid being ticketed by the police, If the parking area is full, please park at the bottom of the hill and walk up, or come back another day.  Week days are less busy.  Please respect the residential nature of the neighborhood.  You are a guest near their homes. The hourlong loop trail  trail includes a stunning view of the bay, a bamboo grove and a shady stone amphitheater where you can pause to picnic.

Visit http://friendshipgarden.org/ for more information.

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